10 Reasons to be a GOTR Coach

By Regan Leach on 6/29/2017

Here at GOTRSD, we LOVE our many dedicated coaches. Our coaching team consists of enthusiastic parents, teachers, college students, and community members from all over San Diego County who share a passion for building strong girls. Whether they’re talking about empathy, running laps or giving out energy awards, our coaches serve an important role in the lives of the girls they lead.

This past Spring, we asked our fearless leaders why they chose to coach...


1. “To help young girls recognize that they all have the star power to succeed and be total rock stars- to embrace the weirdness and be that unique sparkle that can change the world.” - Coach Megan, Birney Elementary


2. “The future is female-- if we teach our girls they can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication while having fun, our future is bright!!” - Coach Jasmine, Washington Elementary


3. “The laughter! Every practice our coaches walk away with a fun moment that warms our hearts and brings light to our day! Smiling and laughing with the girls and coaches is the reason I come back every season.” - Coach Danielle, Cadman Elementary


4. “Because girls, and women, need to be taught that we are amazing. We also need to be taught how to use our amazingness to benefit others and our communities.” - Coach Jessa, Temple Heights Elementary


5. “Girls have come to look forward to the program every year, especially the new 3rd graders, and that gives me the energy I need to give it my best.” - Coach Jennifer, Valley Elementary


6. “I chose to volunteer as a way to make an impact in the community! I hope to inspire young girls to be strong, happy, caring, and other values of GOTR. I also wanted to join and meet other like-minded individuals.” - Coach Ali, Cadman Elementary


7. “It completely changed one of my students who is a newcomer and doesn't speak English. She made friends, got connected, her confidence went up, and she started excelling in school. She asked me to be her running buddy for the 5k and I was blown away by the event! I was instantly hooked.” - Coach Angela, Temple Heights Elementary


8. “Working at an underprivileged school, I saw a need for the girls in our community. Our girls are smart, strong, and beautiful, however many don't have the social skills to recognize and show their full potential. It is my goal that our girls will develop the tools to help them be successful in life. To live a happy, successful life where they can be leaders in their community and strive for greatness.” - Coach Betsy, Libby Elementary


9. “I want to use my love of running not just to fulfill myself, but to build others up and equip young girls to be strong, smart, and kind!” - Coach Charlotte, Cadman Elementary


10. “As an upper grade teacher, I see so many girls have self-destructive attitudes. Not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. The GOTR self-esteem and character building components are what motivated me to coach. Girls have success with GOTR and they learn that all their differences and quirks are what make them unique.” - Coach Emily, Maie Ellis Elementary


Our coaches are the heart and soul of this program. Not only do these coaches leave having impacted the lives of their girls in countless ways, they too have been inspired by the wisdom and love the girls have shown them. It is an incredible way not only become more involved in the community, but to help young girls realize their full potential.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, or would like more information, please visit

Girls on the Run San Diego
PO Box 230544
Encinitas, CA 92023

(619) 816-6991